Q. Do you take requests?
A. ABSOLUTELY! Your special day, whether it be a wedding, birthday, corporate event, etc. is catered to you and your guests (unless otherwise instructed). I'm not there to play for myself but for you. I do my very best to encourage requests to ensure you all are dancing and listening to all your favorites.

Q. What will you wear?
A. Great Question. Often I hear from clients the horror stories of their friends' DJ that worked dressed in jeans and a t-shirt at a WEDDING! YIKES! I can assure you that I am professionally dressed with a suit or tuxedo to every function except for the outdoor picnic events, to which I am still professionally dressed with proper attire.

Q. Do you talk a lot on the Microphone?
A. I don't believe that talking on the microphone is appealing to people so I keep my air time to a minimum. I think that keeping the floor full with great music is the best plan to a successful event and I take that task seriously. I am an interactive DJ, however, and do have certain times when I dress up your guests and take a quick moment to introduce our newest and brightest superstars, but otherwise, I don't think a lot of talk is necessary. However, if you prefer for me to be more vocal, I can do that for you too.

Q. What kind of music do you play?
A. All kinds! It really depends on a lot of factors as no night (or day) is the same. I gauge the selection on the age range of your guests, sometimes I even factor in ethnicity. I bring music from the roaring 40's to the most recent top 40 tunes thus I use the old brownies/girl guides motto "BE PREPARED". I always bring all my music, with the exception of ethnic music that can be added upon request before the date of the function.

Q. Do you drink alcohol when you are working?
A. Absolutely NOT! I don't think that is very professional. I don't smoke either so I won't be taking smoke breaks. You can always locate me as I stay in close range to my equipment. I do, however, roam during dinner to talk to guests to get a feel for what type of music they enjoy but otherwise I never ever leave (until its time to go home).

Q. Do you DJ out of town events?
A. I'd Love to! I've been all over Ontario DJing in absolutely spectacular venues. My only request is that if your event is more than one hour outside of Toronto, accommodations for one night need to be arranged. Otherwise, sign me up and let's have some fun!

Q. How much can I pay you to DJ my event instead of the one DRAMATIC DJ's is already booked on?
A. As funny as that question sounds, I get it a lot. If I accepted bribes, what would happen if someone else offered me a higher price than you did? It could be a vicious circle. How I get around this is that I draw up contracts. This secures both you and me to that particular date and no matter what, I'm there for you. The fee structure stays the same and even though someone may try and tempt me, I'm bound to that contract and I honour it. It's something that has worked well for my clients and myself and I will continue to use it.

Q. Do you DJ children's parties? If so, how much?
A. I love kids and have a lot of fun doing children's parties. The cost structure actually varies with the time and amount of children so if you are interested, please give me a call and lets work out the details. My prices are very competitive and I think its well worth the price to have a professional entertainer at your party. Having me at your child's party is a great idea because it frees you up and keeps the kids out of trouble and having fun!

Q. How much do you charge?
A. This must be the number one question that I get and it's a very good question. If I just blurted out a price, some people may just say "Thank you" and hang up. Comparison shopping is a wonderful idea, but sometimes you should look at the value for your money. If you got yourself a really great deal on a DJ, you should ask yourself this: Have you heard this DJ play before? Do they have referrals? What will they wear? And the list goes on. I'm certain that you do not want to have your event ruined by a wannabe DJ who burned all his/her music off of the internet and has no idea how to mix it up. Did you know that many people spend less on their entertainment in the grand scheme of things but get the most enjoyment out of it? For example, you may spend $900.00 on veggie platters on every table for a wedding, including appetizers and nobody will remember them but the DJ, if they do a great job will be one of the most remembered parts of your party! The price list is located on my website, but feel free to call me with any questions you may have about it. If you have a situation that doesn't fall into any of those categories, we can work something out. I am more than willing to help out in any way possible. I also have several referrals that are more than happy to tell you how I did at their events. KNOW YOUR DJ! If you are hiring a DJ company, meet your DJ, ask if you can see them in action. Don't find out on the day of your event that this person does not fit your needs!

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