As the owner of Dramatic DJ's, I try and keep my rates as competitive as possible. Dramatic DJ's rates depend only on the date that you choose and the number of guests that will be present at your function. The advantage of being a single operator company is that there is not a lot of overhead to compensate for. Those savings are carried over to you, the valued customer.

The fee structure is based on a maximum of 200 guests. If you have more than 200 guests attending, a rate adjustment is required to ensure that the proper sound system is employed.

DJ service provided for a maximum of eight hours (ending at 1:00am), no extra hidden charges for playing through dinner!

This rate is conditional on location of event. If your event is more than one hour outside of Toronto, overnight accommodations are required.

January - October
November - December*
(excluding New Year's Eve)
Saturday Night
Friday Night
Sunday Night
Monday - Thursday
New Year's Eve  
* Note that these rates are raised during the Christmas rush on a first come, first served basis. The rates include all of the features previously mentioned above.

Company/Corporate Picnic

Dramatic DJ's is fully equipped with great outdoor games for picnics. Add some excitement to a picnic with challenges that can even be used as team building exercises! Contact Dramatic DJ's to specialize your event to your specifications.

DRAMATIC DJ's can also do Children's Parties:

Do you want someone to entertain kids at a birthday party for a few hours? Dramatic DJ's is equipped with many games that keep kids entertained and out of trouble! Contact Dramatic DJ's to find out about special low prices for a great hassle free party!

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